Dick "Seve" Severino

For golfers around the world, the name “Seve” is associated with the late, great swashbuckling Spaniard Severiano Ballesteros who dominated the game of golf in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

But for many golfers in the Baltimore area, they associate the name Seve with one of the region’s top club fitters, Dick “Seve” Severino.  With nearly two decades of club fitting experience and designations and certifications from some of the top golf manufacturers in the U.S., Seve is dedicated to helping golfers enjoy the game more and play better. Take a minute to get to know Seve through this brief Q&A.

How did you get into club fitting?:
Shortly after I retired, I was hired as a sales associate at a golf shop in Palm Desert, California. I learned on the job by working closely with customers and making sure they got what they need. I’ve been at it for 15 years now.

What is your process for club fitting?:
The first thing I do is conduct an interview. I want to get to know the golfer. What are their goals, what are the best parts of their game, what are the parts they need to improve the most. 

From there, I take physical measurements based on their body type and address position.

Then we get into the dynamic fitting portion where we use FlightScope and other tools to examine clubhead speed, spin rates, ball flight, etc. At this point, I will often include one of our PGA professionals in the process to consult and give feedback on the type and style of club that will best fit the golfer.

Why are fitted clubs important?:
Golf is a hard game. New technology in club development has helped make it easier, but if the equipment isn’t fit to a golfer’s body size and swing type, it won’t be as effective and it will be hard for the player to play well and improve.

At the end of the day, golf is all about having fun. Fitted clubs make golf more fun. The best customer feedback I can get is seeing a satisfied smile on a client’s face after a well struck shot with new clubs.

Why should someone come see you at Fox Hollow instead of a big box retailer?:
To truly do the best fit possible for new clubs, you need to see the actual ball flight. That’s the best feedback you can get and you can’t get that hitting into a screen. In addition, at Fox Hollow, we are all about being a total resource for golfers, not just selling clubs. We’re happy to evaluate a golfer’s current equipment and let them know what they have fits and suits their game right now.

To contact Seve for an evaluation or fitting appointment, call 410-887-7735 or via email at dseverino@baltimoregolfing.com