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    The PGA Championship starts August 10th and it's our final Pick'em Contest this season. It's free to play and it couldn't be easier to win great prizes from Baltimore County Golf. Just pick 10 players, they earn points based on their performance during the rounds and you win the prizes!

    Top prize is a driver from a leading manufacturer and custom fitted by our Master Club Fitter. Other prizes include foursomes, twosomes, gift cards and range cards. 

      Join staff at Fox Hollow Training Center for a PING Demo Day on August 4th from 2pm-6pm.

      PING will be showcasing all their merchandise including iBlade irons and G400 Drivers. 



        Far too often we see amateur and low handicap players pitch the ball with their sand wedge or lob wedge instead of chipping the ball low. If you have plenty of green to work with to let it roll out and there isn't some type of obstacle like a bunker, cart path, tree, etc. that forces us to hit it high, we always want to keep it low. Use a lower lofted iron like a 7 or 8 and let it roll out like a putt. The general rule is the ball will fly 1/3 and roll 2/3 of your total distance.

        The three keys to being a better chipper are:

          Thank you to all our players! The PGA Pick'em is right around the corner and will be our last contest of the season. Be sure to login and play!  

          Here are our winners!:  

            The number one question we get asked is how do I fix my slice and gain a few yards. Though there are a few contributing factors to why someone slices the ball, the swing path is typically the biggest culprit. We usually see the student start their downswing with their upper body opposed to their lower body, resulting in an out to in swing path. In order to have the proper inside out swing path the downswing must begin by starting with the lower body. This will allow the club to drop to the inside on the downswing and will also build more power by using the large muscles.

              One of the most challenging aspects of golf is taking your swing from the range to the golf course. Once on the course, the shot we hit counts and has consequences.  By practicing differently, we can change our mind set from what might go wrong to what we want to accomplish.

                Fox Hollow Training Center will be closed from 11AM until 5PM on June 21st for the Drive, Chip and Putt qualifier.
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                    Enter to win great prizes from BCG. Entering is easy. Pick your Top 10 U.S. Open finishers. If you're in our Top 10 finishers you win great golf prizes from Baltimore County Golf.