Off Season Rates begin on November 7th
    Diamond Ridge - Aerification Discount Available through October 7th

      Everyone has at least one lawn in their neighborhood that looks like this. And we all spend time trying to achieve this same look. Many times we are simply not spending our time and money wisely in order to achieve the perfect lawn. Here are a few tips that will steer you in the right direction:

      Feed Me!

        Valid every Sunday from 12pm until Twilight from September 10th to December 17th.

        Diamond Ridge/

        Fox Hollow/Rocky Point

        $33 Advantage Card (Includes cart)

        $39 General Public (Includes cart)


        $39 Advantage Card (Includes cart)

        $46 General Public (Includes cart)

          New for 2016 is our new Nike Ravens Apparel

            Fox Hollow - Special Rate on Sept. 7th - $26 Advantage Card and $32 General Public (unlimited play and cart included)
              Due to environmental stress on the Woodlands, we are extending discounts through Sept. 16th. Sunday Special rates will be discounted by $5 off the special rate.

                Swing thoughts and Target

                  A Round For the Brave

                  The Folds of Honor Foundation helps and honors the families of those who have been killed or disabled in service to America by equipping their children and spouses with the means to achieve their academic goals through scholarships.

                  This Labor Day Weekend, together we raised $3,884 in total donations for the Folds of Honor.  Thank you to all of our golfers who donated.

                    Balance is Key to a Good Golf Swing

                    How many times do you find yourself falling off balance in your golf swing and the result is an errant golf shot? 

                    An important part to the golf swing is maintaining your balance throughout your golf swing. A balanced swing will enable you to create maximum club head speed and create more solid contact at impact.