Make a Difference by Donating to Ellicott City Relief Efforts

As residents continue to cope with the historic damage to Ellicott City from the flash flood, Baltimore County Golf is working to raise money to help with relief efforts.

    Congratulations to The PGA Championship Contest Winners! 

    1. Jim Hennessy
    2. Hye Kim
    3. Daniel Kim
    4. Ray Infussi
    5. Ryan Scott
    6. Cathy Englebrecht
    7. Jim Piteleski
    8. Zac Kluttz
    9. Thomas Kinnamon
    10. Sam Llanio

    Thanks for playing!

      Congratulations to The Open Championship Contest winners! 

      1. Lynn Carr
      2. Richard Kolish
      3. Nadean Smith
      4. Paul Wickham
      5. Robert Booker
      6. Mickey Mitchell
      7. Dennis Reitz
      8. Paul Lopatta
      9. Jerry Carr
      10. Frank Pizzuti

      If you didn't win this time don't worry. Be on the look out Monday for the link to play in our final contest for the PGA Championship. 

      Thanks for playing!





          Do you know your golf? 

          Get ready to pick the winners of The Open Championship. You can send in your guess for the winners playing across the pond with our official Open Championship contest!

           The contest rules are simple: select your top ten golfers for the chance to win a Custom Fit Driver, a Foursome for Greystone or The Woodlands or eight other high quality prizes. 

          To participate The Open Championship Contest, be sure to make your picks by 11:59 pm Wednesday, July 13th. 

            Open Championship Contest is up and running. See our FORE Section at the bottom of the Homepage to enter and win great prizes...

              The Gravity Drill Goal - to promote a swing using your core and not just hands and arms 

              The Gravity Drill is designed to assist the golfer with achieving the proper swing plane throughout their golf swing. Most amateur golfers use an excessive amount of hands at the start of the golf swing, and this has a tendency to put the swing off plane creating a multitude of problems. The Gravity Drill works to teach rotation and use of the large muscle groups in the golf swing.

                Schedule your 30 minute Flightscope fitting today!

                Schedule your fitting with Master Club fitter – Seve Severino at the Fox Hollow Training Center – ranked a US Top 50 Driving Range.  The cost for the fitting is $30 and will include the calculations of carry distances for all clubs in your bag.  In addition, we will give you a $15 Fox Hollow Range Card.  What a great value!


                  Each player has the responsibility of keeping the course in a similar condition to how they found it. Proper golf etiquette dictates that you repair any damage to the putting surface made by the impact of the ball.  We even suggest that each player fix their ball mark plus one other.  This helps assure that the conditions for putting remain optimal and the leads to a better experience for all. Please remember:

                    The dreaded chip shot out of heavy rough is a golfer’s nightmare. 

                    It is naturally a pretty unpredictable shot because it is difficult to gauge the exact contact between the club face and the golf ball.  The goal should be to get the ball on the green and eliminate the big score.  Follow these three tips and you will master this shot.

                    #1 Open that club face: