12 Days of Christmas Merchandise Promotion

Baltimore County Golf’s 12 Days of Christmas Sale is about to snowball out of control!

Starting December 12th we will add an additional 15% off to each day's date to create a discount that gets bigger and bigger as we get closer to Christmas. We discount the day and add 15%. 

Buy something on the 12th and save 27%. Wait until the 24th and save 39%. The closer we get to Christmas, the more you save.

All of our in stock shop merchandise—gloves, polos, pullovers, Ravens gear and more—can be yours for steep discounts. Sorry, but some manufactures don't allow us to discount merchandise, discounts on golf balls max out at 15% and there are no discounts on gift cards. 

But be careful, supplies and selections are limited, so shop smart and don’t miss out.